I type this sat at my massage couch in the Phoenix Centre at Tedworth House, Wiltshire.  It is one of Help for Heroes main rehabilitation centres for injured and sick servicemen and women. I’m viewing the central court where Team UK are currently training in Sitting Volleyball for the Invictus Games 2020.  This year the games are being held at The Hague in May and I can’t wait to watch them.

I have the pleasure of volunteering my time to provide soft tissue therapy to the team during their training weekends. I provide these incredible men and women with sports massage and rehab advice as they train.  But sometimes what’s needed is a good natter as they continue to battle with their life changing injuries, refusing to be conquered. The range of injuries and the complexity of individual experiences really force me to think critically and outside the box.  I draw on many aspects of my own experience – both clinical and personal. There may be fewer limbs and more scars (both physical and mental) than your average sports team, but there is a unity and camaraderie in the squad that makes this role so unique.

Judging this weekend’s training things are looking good for Team UK as a whole, and for these individuals involved in Help for Heroes Sports Recovery program. And lucky me, I get to return to work with the Wheelchair Basketball squad!